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Silver Steel Plate




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Silver Steel Plate
Welcome to Muddy Waters Metal Art - we are located in the West Country of England and are proud to say we are the largest manufacturer of metal silhouette art in the United Kingdom.

Our main area of work is fabrication in the contract and agricultural industry (think large scale metal art); outfitting dairies and creameries, interior and exterior design of restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the Dorset coast and the odd tractor repair.

We create metal art by cutting steel into unique, decorative pieces sometimes purely for ornamental purposes, sometimes for specific functions. We have over twenty five years experience in art, design, engineering and fabrication, so with our craftsmanship and knowledge we can provide you with beautiful metal art to decorate your home inside and outside.

All our metal silhouette art is cut from 3mm/10 gauge steel, we can also cut stainless steel and aluminium if requested. For our standard products each piece is powder coated black and come in standard sizes that we find are most popular but ANY dimension is possible (obviously if the design is adaptable).

As you browse through our designs, remember custom work is available; send us a digital picture and we can cut it from steel to your dimensions, we can also work with jpeg/dxf etc files for other design applications. Email us and we'll get back to you with a quote.

Names, addresses, numbers and clock fixtures can all be applied to our metal art, individually or in a combination eg. clock fitting with a name. Just look in our categories for the extra addition you would like, add it to your cart with your metal art purchase and look forward to receiving a beautiful, unique piece of metal art.

Delivery times for standard items is 7-10 days, custom pieces may take longer but always ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
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